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Healthcare Pros

If you’re making the world a healthier, safer and sexier place, Astroglide® wants to help! We’re committed to safe sex education, and if you’re a healthcare professional we’ll send you free samples of Astroglide to give to the people you serve.

Astroglide Samples for Doctors

Astroglide has an established reputation as one of the leading recommended lubricants. The over-the-counter personal lubricant doesn’t require a prescription and is a trusted aid for dryness. It can even be used during medical examinations to increase comfort.

Astroglide Supports Sex Educators

For sex educators working in schools, health centers and even senior care facilities, Astroglide aids in demonstrations and encourages a lifetime of healthy sexual choices.

Community Outreach

Condom-compatible* Astroglide lubricant supports all safe sex outreach, whether the goal is disease prevention or family planning. If you’re involved in community outreach, ask us how Astroglide can help.

*Check product packaging for more information on condom compatibility.


Astroglide Samples for
Health Centers and Clinics

Healthcare providers at sliding-scale clinics and family health centers can do more than offer women advice on symptoms like itching, burning, pressure, pain or light bleeding during sex due to dryness. Astroglide personal lubricants can help to temporarily relieve vaginal discomfort and make intercourse a more comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Benefits for Everyone

Here are some of the many benefits you can share with your patients, students or outreach recipients when they ask about Astroglide:

  • Long-lasting
  • Super slick
  • Moisturizing
  • Non-irritating
  • Clear
  • Odorless
  • Never sticky

If you’re spreading knowledge and offering support, we salute you and want to do our part. Request samples through the form below or explore our Lube Advisor tool to help find the best products for your patients or students.


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